On War

For those who think they are doing great job doing all the masculine war activity by bombarding innocent souls with lethal weapons and fear, I should say that there is no one more coward then them.  Those who think to win other person or rule some country with military power cannot do since every human will fight for his/her freedom.  The fight for freedom will never end. Sowing seeds of hatred will bring hatred only. It can never bring peace.  Those world leaders who think they are strong because they can press nuclear buttons anytime or those who think that they are biggest alliance and no one can conquer them then they are mistaken, since they are already defeated when they thought of such provocations and violence.  Whom they want to win? If they even can’t win themselves, their anger, their lust and sufferings.  One cannot rule anybody with hatred and fear.  Only with love, and that too arising out of inner awakening, will bring world peace and harmony.  (Mr. Putin and the counterpart thought process:) I am the superpower, I can do anything and everything since I have got N number of Nuclear bombs and N number of fighter jets and N number of weapons and slaves or soldiers or what not.  I awake daily and just take overview of military positions and oversee my all strategies and military power position.   Oh my Army devastated this city?  that’s wonderful!!! Oh my men killed so many opponent country civilians, that’s great job our army has done.  I am worried how fast I can win over every body, rule and threaten ever body. Oh I made them realize that - be with me else I won’t forgive you, Oh I relieved my fear of invasion, now my country is safe.  Oh I realized that I am the superpower and can rule and invade any country with all my men and machines.   I wake up in stress, sleep in stress to earn what’s my SO called IMAGE that either I have built or people have about me in their mind.  I and my countrymen are daily building and rebuilding our newer images. All to satisfy mine and own ego and lust!!!  (Here I means the X body who is fighting for all these worldly pleasures). What you creating ? hatred, violence and anarchy? You will repent in your next incarnation about what you did and what made you, what you would be then with this karma.  Since you don’t understand that your soul and other’s soul are same.  Who’s is the Enemy? & Who is a Friend? The body has all the enemies and friends and the entire ego and all the boundaries and all the citizenships and passports and country and what not!!!  Man o man leave that, you won’t last, neither your image nor your body, All men have become history so you would be.  Even World conquerors and all the past leaders are buried deep down and have lost everything they owned, so you would.  You cannot win over anybody unless you win yourself, once you win yourself you never be in this body.  So you leave the dirty clothes to get new holy look and achieve Nirvana, the place from where you are relieved of this birth-death cycle.  Come to me, sit and relax, meditate, forget and forgive, be in the present, breath in and out and feel your soul and futility of the worldly possessions and cravings and watch how the world is in misery with the feeling that you got.  Be with love, compassion, truth, non-violence, good feeling for everybody, the thought that bhavtu sabb mangalam, Sabka Mangal ho, sab ka bhala ho, sabko Mukti mile, sab ka kalyan ho!! Feel the vibrations within and realize how impermanent we are at the quantum level.  How we are the waves and particles, if you understand that tech language.  Feel the truth from inside out, not to prove anything, just to experience the truth.  How you are repeating all you have done again and again? How you are just not living in the Present? How you could be happy and filled with love and compassion? How you could send vibrations of happiness and love all across the Universe? How you can be free from all the bondages? How you are clinging to the impermanent miseries and happiness.  Earth is the only place mankind knows can accommodate life with peace and these weapons of destruction are destroying every good creativity and life around.   You would be more fearful and unhappy with all the violent fight and war around.  So, you are so miserable and unhappy from inside that you need our love and compassion, be at peace, be out of misery.   Come child and sit with me in deep silence of solitude, thoughtless and bodiless.   Live and let others live. “Bhavtu Sabb Mangalam” Sabka Mangal Ho… Sabki Mukti ho…-Mrunal Goswami

On Peace: 

Why all humans can't leave weapons and start searching for the inner peace? We have very beautiful earth , beautiful mountains, rivers, wildlife, nature and very short life. NASA and all space operations lead by SCIENCE world have not found any single life in the Universe. If we have this only earth to live and leave than why we spoil it by creating disasters? Why we promote Militarization and accumulation of Weapons. If they are for our defense they may also be virtually wipe of other nation. If we are strong and rich doesn't mean that we oppress the weaker. Since this is happening in all world around even countries think they being big and Superpower can do anything and everything. DID we notice how a smallest miniscule virus brought Disaster to Human Life? than who is SUPER POWER as we call BIG and giant Most Advanced ECONOMIES ?? NO one is big all leveled humans. We are all very small and very poor as compared to the whole universe. We need to thank daily the Almighty for giving us LIFE, The Sun, Water to drink. Now it's our responsibility how we distribute all natural resources equally and beneficially to all human and other lives. We need to Become Human first than any other national , citizen or any religious follower or any other parameter of differentiation. If English is good language and majority of world uses and expresses their feeling in the language what's bad in that?? If we can use Technology or product of any American or russian or Chinese or japanese or korean or or any damn country, for the betterment of human kind and distributing the resources to the world than there is nothing bad in that. Why we use the technology for Wrong purpose? Do we think we are too advanced than the Nature laws. If we inflict problems on others than how we can be safe? The same creates problems even for us. So, if a country attacks other country than it's also Suicide in a case where even they can't survive any attacks in future and the war seeds sown now will grow in big hatred in futures. Any ukranian will never forgive russian for this attack and the impact will last more than 500 years since War has no end. Even we as a country should think and implement Vasudhev kutumbakam for all the world, even say Pakistan since they are also not our enemies, we share lot of cultural and historic values with all smallest neighbourhood countries. So, Forget and forgive. Ahinsa parmo dharma. If we can utilize the same money spent wrongly in buying weapons and war equipment, in creating happiness, peace, building meditation centres, nutritious food and medicines for all than we have much more happy world around. If someone has become any country's president or PM that doesn't mean he is the most intelligent and best person in that country. Still they need to find out the right person... So, again Peace and harmony . Bhavtu Sabb Mangalam..

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